We've had that wonder of the modern world hit us these last couple of days - technology failure. Anyhow, back online now. I've been making the most of the quiet; sleeping and spinning a lot, yet no photos as it's all either drying or setting and such. When the internet disappears for even a few hours you suddenly notice how much time you spend on it...

Because I've now been banned from spinning for the night (it will all become clearer another time) we've decided to sort out our tools. We're so rock n'roll. Actually, I want to be doing some silversmithing again, nothing much just a few repairs, but couldn't find any of my precision pliers. Tom had kidnapped all of them, 2 pairs are still missing in action.

This isn't even all of our hand-tools. Sigh. See that tidy one in the corner? That's one of mine. Right then, back to clearing up. Latest photos of spinning and new yarns to follow soon.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead