I've not been knitting as much, last couple of days (maybe 3 hats?) as I get a trapped nerve in my left wrist and it's been complaining again. Bit of a pain to knit with it like that. So I've been writing up tutorials and patterns, and of course sleeping ;)

Whilst having a good ol' browse through patterns online, as you do, I thought I'd share some delights I found...

Pattern here for Giant Glove hat,

and here for Spaghetti Monster hat

Aren't they just brilliant? Also found another one for a Giant Squid hat but couldn't download the photo, so go check it here. Of course we should all know by now the scary ski-masks (link lost - someone please tell me where it is? ) and the Fried Breakfast hat, pattern here. But I reckon these two new ones are definitely far cooler. Me particuarly likes the Flying Spaghetti Monster Hat (to use it's full title). Just brilliant.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead