I just got thinking that I blah on and on about Tom all the time, so thought I'd fill in a few pieces of the jigsaw, so to speak. Y'see, he's not just my fella; he's my best mate and partner in crime. He's an artist himself yet rarely blow's his own trumpet so I'm gonna do it for him (oo-er) Some of you have met him and he's a sweetheart, one of the good guys, yet always comes across as a little quiet. Believe me, he may seem that way sometimes....

This is the first photo I ever saw of him and just thought "yep, that's him" Lookswise, if I had to describe my ideal man, this photo sums it all up. Seriously yummy ;) There's something about this photo that says a lot more than a moody man with dreads and piercing eyes. He hasn't got the dreads anymore yet he's still that person; quiet on the surface with something simmering underneath. I love this photo - can look at it for hours. I wish I'd known him then, I really do. But I suppose folk come into your life when they're meant to, eh? Not that seeing this photo is better than waking up next to the 'now' Tom! It's just... well, you know how it is when you see photos of your loved one taken before you met them... it reveals a few secrets of what life was like before you came along.

It was taken when he was living and working with the Mutoid Waste Company some years back. The Mutoids are a group of artists living together on a commune in Italy, working primarily with recycled and scrap materials. Producing sculptures mostly, appearing at festivals (most famously at Glastonbury) and putting on shows and performances of their own. Much of it was group work, the rest individual. He stayed there for about 6 years, living on the 'Yard' and have got some photos of his work here to share.

The sculptures are Tom's own, with other shots from group shows and performances. After the Mutoids, he continued to work on other projects in Holland and Spain, flitting back and forth with the odd visit to the UK. Think this last year has been the longest he's stayed put in the UK for a while, yet as you all know we'll be off again soon. Click on any photos to get a larger view.

In the black and white one above left, the person underneath the robot is Sheila, my MIL. Can't mention the Mutoids without mentioning Sheila ;) She's also produced a fair few works of her own but ain't got any photos here.

The sculptures shown here are made mainly from scrap motor bike parts. Tom hasn't made any pieces recently, yet he has been collecting dead hoovers.... Now, my stash might be getting a little out of control but at least it's soft and warm! Thankfully Sheila's now got a workshop in Hackney and the dead hoovers are residing there instead of on our balcony. With any luck Tom will do something with them soon... I'd like to see him produce some new work.

This last photo is Tom now, my Tom. And I love him with every part of me. Whether he's the 'one' goes without saying, we're a close knit team and will carry on that way. Despite all our whimsical moans about tools and stashes, we understand where each other is coming from. It's a creative thing, y'know. I feel all sentimental now ;)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead