Thanks you guys for all the comments, thoughts and virtual hugs. You're all right of course, because my mind has been sooo much more at ease today now that the pressure of work is off. And if there's one thing I have learnt, it's that showing your weaknesses and asking for help is a strength, even if it's hard to do. I'm not long up having slept most of the day! Was awake long enough this morning to see Tom off to work, finish my socks and open a parcel from Mr. Postie... so....

My Secret Pal Rocks
Yep, she does. Initially I was a bit concerned about signing up for Secret Pal mainly 'cos I'm a fussy old moo and have often been told that I'm too hard to please in the pressie department - didn't wanna put anyone through the torment of dealing with Ms. Fibre Snob here. Yet she's taken on the challenge in true style. We've exchanged a few emails, answered and asked some quirky questions and she's great, she makes me laugh. And she has 4 cats! Four. Maybe I should be asking her to save her cat fluff for me ;) Anyhow, she did tell me that there was a little trouble getting a first pressie off to me.... then this morning Mr. Postie delivered these. Aren't they great? And look at the grain and colouration - this is pukka quality wood, so smooth, weighty and soft. Am dead chuffed and can't wait to start using them. In the gift tag there was a little message "I hope these bring you many happy hats!" Secret Pal, you are spot on my dear, thank you!

Long Socks
Got these off the needles this morning and am really happy with them. So what if my dyeing was a little random, I love 'em. Snug as a bug and long enough to handle any old boots. Hoorah for superwash wool having it's uses. Have got another 3 100g skeins of this stuff dyed up, and the colours are better and more interesting than this one. Reckon there's still a few hundred grams left undyed on the cone too, so when we get going in that truck my tootsies will always be warm and cosy. All I need to do now is rescue my new boots from Tom, who's sneakily been wearing them to work. Pink shoe-laces should do the trick.

Yet Another Book
Bad Ruth. I just can't help it, y'know. I know Tom will moan when we have to plan the conversion for the truck and allow that much extra shelving and storage for all my books... but they're coming with me, oh yes, along with all my yarn, tools, fabric and dyes etc. Like Tom hasn't got zillions of tool boxes and drills anyway... ;)

Got this one on Ebay after reading on someone's blog (sorry - forgotten which one) about how great Ms. Messent's books were. It's full of quirky little ideas for playing around with wool, quick projects which are ideal for kids. And it *so* rocks for it's knitted sheep pattern. There were a couple of these for sale on Ebay and I recommend you go bid yer heart out. It beats all the other books I've ever found of it's type.

The Latest on That Hat....
Ok then Mary-Lou, who was having a good 'ol snigger ;) I felted that scary hat. It's not turned out as bad as it could have done yet not that great either. Surely I should be blogging about my crafty achievements rather than the dodgy stuff? Hmm. Well, as I thought the Cashmerino didn't felt and the fleecey thrumms did. But not as I'd hoped.... now know why though..... they were too long and loose. Doh, where was my brain when knitting this? Oh yeah, it's been wrapped up in cotton wool and sent off to Fogland by the happy-pills.

Oh well. Nost sure what to do with this one now, suppose it could be embellished with more wool and yarn rather than write it off. Yet it has given me some food for thought, and possibilities of using up that 700g+ of cashmerino I have left. For instance, I could make the thrumms smaller and with a bit more twist to encourage them to felt into little balls or something, rather than a matted mass. Or could make the fleece into pencil roving and knit it in. I do like the idea of having a non-felting body that remains stable whilst still having the wonder of felting for decoration. Maybe doing it by hand rather than in the washing machine might control it better.

Otherwise, I'm still itching to be spinning. Haven't had enough time to master the spindle so might try for some instant results. After buying PluckyFluff's book, I might try plying some pencil roving I bought at Ally Pally along with some fine silk and wool threads. Probably less frustrating for the time being. Tsk - mother's dead happy with my wheel; buying fleece like it's going out of fashion and is all set for the spinning course at Wingham Wools next week that I bought her for xmas. She'd better spin me some decent yarn, I tell you ;)

Here's to everyone having a super weekend xx

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