My laptop has decided it doesn't want to talk to the Internet, so trying to blog this before morning registration! Doh. And that pesky Greenwich Council, letting us believe that all the repairs were done to the waterworks... the whole lot was turned off again yesterday whilst a contractor carried out 'necessary repairs'. Cheers for the warning, guys. So much for being the Millenium Borough.

One of my friends at work is moving and doing that life changing sort out and let's get rid of stuff we don't need, kinda thing. She was telling us about this sheep she'd had for years that was heading for the bin.... to which I exclaimed "Nooooo! Save the Sheep!" And so here he is.

I think he's cute. A ceramic body and charming fake-fur coat. This reminds me... I think Spook has sent the noisy sheep (which sounds more like a kitten stuck in a drainpipe than a 'bahhh') down the back of the sofa somewhere.

And now some yarny things. Socks, infact. Decided to use that cheapy aran yarn I bought ages ago on Ebay. I'd tested it, no felting, so rather good for socks in and out of the washing machine. It's gauge is also a tad small for aran; more like a DK if you ask me. So I set about dyeing it. First though, I needed to make sure that each skein was of equal weight.

Winding balls and then weighing them on my super-duper pocket scales (no I'm not a drug dealer) Wound 4 balls... off then to the niddy noddy....

Then to be dyed. Did them in pairs in my large dye pot on the stove. Wasn't too worried about getting a regular colour, so added squirts of concentrated dye solution as and when I felt like it. This resulted in a random dye that I was quite happy with.

(the usual show-true-colour photo that winter light allows...) All mottled grey's and purples and no white bits! yey! I hate white bits.

Now, one skein was wound and started on during the blackout on tuesday night. Am working both socks toe up, with a short row heel, and both socks at the same time to avoid SSS (single sock syndrome)

Using a centre pull ball makes easy work of knitting both socks from one ball/skein. Ok, the colours are that random within one skein that they ain't quite a perfect match, but that's cool.... random is good. Odd is good. They are knitting up a dream, the yarn suits this task perfectly and before long I'll have another pair of socks. There's enough yardage me reckons to make longer socks, which is even better.

Teaching beckons. Over and out.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead