I've just read the comments from the last post and had a good laugh again! Wonder if all the readers of this blog are just as warped? ;)

The update.... there was a total blackout from 5.30pm (blogged just in time!) and the water ran out not long after that. Us being the resourceful pair of happy campers that we are were fully prepared for the long slog. Yep, we decided to stay the night. More candles than you'd care to count, every vessel full of water, woolly jumpers & blankets and our wind-up radio. Oh, mustn't forget the knitting... who else but me would cast on for toe-up socks by candle-light? Tom cooked us a chicken curry and we didn't get cold at all.

It was eerily quiet (barr the radio)... the only sounds were the odd workmen and folk helping those who couldn't manage out of the block (no lifts, pitch black and flooded stairwells...) Actually, it was rather peaceful. We were the first flat to get electricity back late last night (probably 'cos we were the only folk left out of 44 flats) but still no mains water to speak of. The elctrician was telling me that over half the flats had flooded too and were gonna be without electricity for at least another 24 hours. Lucky us, eh?

I had the best night's sleep ever.

Time now to boil some water and get a wash.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead