Yeah right, as we could ever manage normal.

We now have running/flushing water and proper working lights and stuff. Tom's dead relieved to have his PS2 back. Seems we were the lucky ones, not being flooded indoors, despite the communial landing outside being a tad wet. So, yes, the stash remains dry as does the hats, my knitting and all the important stuff. Glad to hear readers have the same priorites ;) Don't think I'd have been as calm if they'd have insisted on evacuating us last night - would have been too anxious, especially with all the stress at work last couple of days... so don't get me started about work, ok?

The Council are being a touch vague as to how much damage has been done - let's face it, it don't take much water to damage a floor. Yet give 'em their dues; for once they got the job done quickly. The place is still pretty quiet too, maybe a few folk are still elsewhere. Who knows.

Blimey, what a drama!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead