The card I got for Tom - it still cracks us up!

Am at home today, back to bed in a mo. It's these damn tablets... only been on the higher dose 2 days and already I'm being punished. Had to come home from work yesterday morning as I got rather woozy and wobbly and apparently went a strange colour. Got a stonker of a headache this morning and still wobbly. Tom's really concerned and wants me to stop taking them; he noticed how dopey I was last night and how slow my response times were.... but I reckon I've gotta give them a week at least - hopefully most of the initial side effects will calm down.

Venlafaxine, the medication I'm on, is pretty heavy duty stuff, and I'm on a high dose. It's completely different to other AD's, of which SSRI's are the most commen (prozac and the like) Problem for me is that SSRI's are no longer effective - I was already on them when I had the breakdown so my only option is to persevere with the Venlafaxine. Considering I've been on this one 15 months already, and the dose is still going up, things ain't looking good. If this higher dose is still too rough for me after a couple of weeks I'll have to drop down to the lower one... which means recovery will be even longer still. Joy.

On the knitting front, I fancy dyeing up some yarn and making meself another pair of chunky socks.... new boots = new socks, no? Ain't got the energy for dyeing right now so in the meantime I've been doing some more of my Lopi coat. Progress is a tad slow only because I've been on a hat bender. Yet if I want to wear this thing this winter I need to crack on. It's a top down raglan, and 1st sleeve is nearly finished. I was panicing that there might not be enough yarn yet so far it's not looking too bad... still got that hand dyed thick/thin in dark grey's and black on the stand by as trim incase it's needed. Can't wait to go shopping for the lining fabric.... fancy some deep pink silk of some kind.... on the high street there's a few good Asian fabric shops, so as soon as this thing is off the needles I can measure up for yardage and go and spoil myself ;)

As for SP7, now have spoiler and spoilee and it's all good. I am excited, honest, it's just this damn headache getting in the way. Am *so* fed up with being in recovery and getting ill all the time.

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