Tom absolutely *loved* his new drill; he's never had such a good one and according to my MIL, I'm spoiling him ;) We had a lovely evening, fairly quiet as I was exhausted from just 2 days back at work and a lack of sleep, but lovely all the same. I got him this brilliant card which I should scan and post here. Again, happy birthday Tom xx

My spoiler for SP7 has sent me an Ecard - thank you! Hope my questionnaire wasn't too much of a nightmare for you ;) As of yet though, the details of person I'm going to spoil haven't arrived.... can't cope with all this excitement and anticipation!

One of my hat designs has been accepted for MagKnits! Wahoo! I'm really chuffed and if I wasn't so tired I'd be jumping up and down like the great big kid I am. The hat itself is actually finished, just gotta tidy up the written pattern and take some funky photos. So for once I'll be completing something in advance of a deadline - a feeling of satisfaction that doesn't occur very often ;)

Had an appointment with the psychiatrist yesterday; don't see him that often as it's just a check-up, but yet again my meds/AD's have been increased. My dosage is now 3 times what it was 3 months ago. Tsk. Just gotta keep my chin up and hope that the side effects are out-weighed by an improvement in the depression.... really have had enough of the mood swings, paranoia, panic attacks blah blah.

Finally, a journey through blogland yesterday bought me to an interesting post that I'd like to respond to. Wrtten by an artist who's working with young school kids, it really invoked some interesting emotions in me.... just haven't got the words to express them right now. Maybe later....

Over and out.

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