I'm getting married. Just to wear this dress. Ok, so Tom's not popped the question this evening but I have found something else I want. Something else. Again. Get further info by clicking on Weresheep in my links section.

I've dug out my mulit-coloured sheepskin boa. Photos another time. I want to wear it again, and will. It makes me feel alive and comfortable in my skin.

I'm feeling in full-on reclusive mode now. I've recently missed two birthdays, both great friends. Another friend has left London and I wasn't there to see her off. Don't want to phone anyone or open the post. I'm wrapping up for winter.

On a good note, I've joined the 'If The Hat Fits..' yahoo group that was suggested on my previous post. Hats make me happy. I feel like being naughty and buying some lush, coloured yarn. So off browsing I go.

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