It's true, I have one. I'm infamous for my headwear. And being as I keep thinking about bright, colourful, lush knitted things, I thought I'd reflect on my hats. Have never been shy about bright and unusual hats. Not of the fleece-made kind that you can buy at festivals, you know the jester ones and all that, but hand-made knitted ones. This is me; they have to be woolly ;)
I've just been photographing the collection, and a link will be added (watch this space). Warning though, I haven't made them all myself. Some I've bought from other crafters for the sheer love of them, some folk have bought me back from their travels and a few are from my own travels. And some, of course, I've made.
This is one I made recently, pattern from the 1st Stitch'n'Bitch book. Knitted in Rowan Big Wool, Cream, and the large sequins were from Hobbycraft (not at all difficult to thread on and knit with as the holes were large. Shame about the limited choice of colours they came in though) Made a couple of these last xmas for friends; turquoise for Carina and deep red for Sameen. Now though I'm not so keen on this one, have never worn it, not sure why. So I think it's going into the stock I'm (slowly) building for craft fairs. Besides, I don't think it would fit on my head now as my dreads are fattening up rather nicely.
I've currently only got 18 hats. Being as I've been in a serious clear-out mode for a while, I sold a few that I'd bought whimsically, reducing my collection. Maybe making one or two more might satisfy my need to knit in some of the lush hand painted yarns that everyone's using at the moment. It's worth a try ;) Yes, of course I need a new hat. I need a new hat!

While I'm here, I want to say a huge thanks to Hazel for helping me with 'buttons'. I have joined a couple of Netring groups though am still on the waiting lists. Now I've got the urge to make my own button... any help gratefully recieved!

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