I'm on one a bit, tonight, head wise. Seem to be having a mild identity crisis; been up and down like this for a while. Oh well.
Have been trying to get into Blogger for ages, was gonna add links to some photos, other blogs and even find some buttons (I'm sooo jealous of everyone else's knitting ones) but Blogger wasn't playing. So I got reading through other blogs, namely of folk in UKHK. Now, ok, I've only been doing this for 5 days, but I started to feel a tad inadequate.
Anyway, it's time to introduce the two furry monsters. This is them when they were kittens. Awwww! Promise I don't pose them like that, it's a natural one. Minky is the black lady, about 10 weeks old or something then? And Spook, the demon fluffy tabby was 5 months older. Actually, she still is 5 months older...
Spook will be 3 this november - shocker. She's the smarter of the two; the sensitive huntress who definitely has to be a scorpio. True to form, she's moody yet needy and always with a hint of intrique in the eye. She's got stuff sussed, and knows it. Minky, on the other hand, can only be compared to an aries (apologies in advance to all arieans...) She's impetuous, naive and generally happy-go-lucky. Has never got to grips with the old fly catching business and is far too noisy for her own good. Her back legs have a mind of their own and stick out in all directions. Basically, she's uncouth. I do have some classier shots of them somewhere but hell knows where they are.
Spook loves fabric. And yarn. She reguarly pulls the towel of the rail in the bathroom so it falls on her and she can get cosy. Same with laundry on radiators. She gets under the throws on the sofa and into the duvet. She likes her comfort. Minky likes chasing the laser around the room. Daft as a bat, she's convinved that little red light will get caught one day, and has never made the connection that it starts then stops and that she never finds it dead under her paw. Bless.
Spook loves a cuddle, and purrs deeply like a lion. Minky is a fidget and would draw blood if you tried to pick her up. She loves fuss though, just can't lay still.
Minky adores melon. She'll scream the place down till you give her some. Spook's tipple is cheese; she doesn't care which. They are as different as they come.
Tom has decided that Minky is his cat, purely out of cuteness and the fact that he's the man behind the laser controls. Minky has worked out that that red thing has something to do with Tom (there are signs of intelligence) and so follows him around all the time. I'm not sure I want a favourite.
I've been collecting their hair through grooming for ages, originally intending to make a hat out of it. They've both got good coats so it should be spinnable if blended with some wool. But being as I've started knitting the blanket squares, I thought that might be a better idea. We won't be taking the cats with us when we clear off in the bus, but we will need the blanket. So this way a little part of them comes too. We'll miss them all the same.
I really don't feel as if I'm flowing today; feel all stumbly and doubtful. Oh well.

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