My parcel arrived from Finniwig Studios this morning - what a great way to start a saturday! There's a tapestry beater, nailbinding kit, square thread bobbins and a lucet kit. The quality of them is amazing, beautifully made, nice smooth wood. I bought them all from Ebay, shop name finniwig_studios, or they have a website too - Ordered them last sunday, arrived within the week which has restored my faith in ordering from the States. These are seriously lush tools! I can't resist hand made items such as these from wood, especially quality craftsmanship like this. And the fact that they aren't your average pieces of kit makes them even more exciting! Seriously, I was like a big kid this morning opening the package, although I've calmed down a bit now ;)
And check out the lucet kit - complete with cloth bag that even has an embroidered makers' logo - soooo cool! The tapestry beater is nice and chunky, feels great in your hand. Thread/yarn bobbins ideal size, and plenty for the price. I think the lot, including shipping cost me just over £27 - could you get this lot at such quality anywhere else for that price??
So guess what I'll be up to this afternoon? Oh yeah baby, these little beauties are gonna get a trial run. Firstly though, I introduced 'em to the rest of the family ;) This is tool box no.1 - containing all my knitting needles (straights, circs and DPNs), crochet hooks, tapestry bobbins, lace bobbins, rug-hooks, french knitting spools (knitting nancy's), my drop spindle, tatting bobbins, weaving sticks and much more. It's looking a bit full, so it's a good job I've another aluminium box just like this one. The new Peace Fleece needles are in there too, although one pair are in action for the blanket squares. So whilst I'm at it, here's a snap of one of them in progress - it's a plain stocking stitch one, although most others are more interesting in texture and detail. I've been playing around with stitches, trying to create patterns that are double sided. Also on show are my recent yarn purchases, two balls each of Rowan Cashsoft Aran in 2 different shades of grey, and two balls of the totally gorgeous Louisa Harding Kashmir Aran in a silver grey - it's of the chain construction rather than a regular spin and is really nice to work with. The photo doesn't do the colours justice. I know they are grey, yet our bedroom uses a lot of soft, warm greys as I find it a very calming colour, and so the blanket needs to be in keeping with that. And it makes a change from black! I got this lot on a whim - most shades of grey you find in yarn are pretty naff and drab but these have a beautiful luster to them. Check out my sheep tape measure - he's great! Anyone interested in the history of some of the more obscure yarn crafts, along with some techniques, click on this
Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to play I go....

AuthorWoolly Wormhead