Have just re-read last night's postings, and I was feeling a tad sentimental, eh? I'm not very good with words when it comes to emotions but I gave it a good shot. I'm all closed up again today. Mind, it is the morning and we all know how I am in the mornings....

The other thing I noticed is how many photos there are posted that have me in them. A little too many, methinks, as I'm never keen on seeing myself in a photo.... so having dug out a few shots of stuff I've made it's time to put my face aside (phew) and have a look at what my hands get up to. This is the felted cowboy hat. Made from some space-dyed roving yarn I bought in Winghams in March. I adapted the pattern from a basic brimmed hat pattern I found online, which was a bit of trial and error - mainly because I only had 200g of this yarn and it had to be enough! It took a few knittings and froggings, and then a couple of goes in the machine to felt. The real art of it was in the shaping as it dried - I'm still convinced it needs a bit of starch to keep the brim curling in the right places. I wore it when my Dad got married at Easter, as you do.

The felted bag was a commission, made for the Head of D&T at work. She'd seen the dinky felted bag I use, and came in with some pictures of a bag shape she fancied. I used mohair, tripled, and used moss stitch to give it some structure. The side panels were knitted & felted seperately and joined afterwards. The moss stitch is still visible although felted, and gives it a really nice texture. Again, this also took a few goes in the washing machine before it was felted enough. She loves it and gets a lot of positive feedback about it.

More later as I have to go to work (boo). I've woken all bunged & snotty with my cold in full flow. I'm feeling a bit crap so have put on frumpy knickers ;) I've just taken Tom his coffee but he's determined to stay asleep - don't blame him! Isn't sleep great?

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