Yep, it's my new toy. 2nd post today. Tom can't wait for the time when the novelty's worn off and I spend less time online. Hmmm! It's Carina's (surprise) 30th birthday bash tonight. Trouble is, it's in Guildford and this head cold is getting the better of me... but I think we'll go along for the meal and then head home. Tom's got work in the morning and I want to wake up in my own bed.

This is Carina's present that I've made. It's fimo, and turquoise is her fave colour, so hoping she'll like it. I've got a similar bracelet, as I made too many of these slab beads! Oh well. I'm wanting to make her one of the items in the latest issue of Knitty for xmas, but won't show and tell just incase she reads this. Seriously unlikely though, she's not very good with computers...

I've just tried up loading a snap of my recent yarn purchases and new Peace Fleece needles.. but Blogger is being tetchy. Shame. Oh well, at least I can post this and sign out before Tom gets home and starts sulking! And being as my ankle is still playing up, I'm not supposed to drive tonight so I've just opened a beer ;) 'tis friday after all.

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