This is Tom, my man. Yep we both smoke blah blah blah, but nevermind. I just wanted to say a bit about him, and me, 'cos it's been on my mind today. I told me therapist about how we met, and went onto thinking a few more things (as you do) and was actually missing him whilst in my therapy session.

We first got talking back in october/november time last year, but having just had the worst breakdown to date I was in no rush to start anything. So we just talked, online, until it got to the point where we were chatting for at least 3 hours an evening, every evening. Daft really, when you consider he was only living 20 mins walk away. So we decided to have a proper 'date'. Eek! I mean, we obviously got on really well, both a bit alternative, artsy and downright kooky. But this whole 'date' business was something else. So we set it for 15th Jan, 4 days after Tom's birthday.
I was bloody petrified. I'm 34 years of age and yet was still phoning my mate Amy enroute, panicking. It was an afternoon affair, meeting at Abbeywood station, and planning on wandering the ruins of the local Abbey. Classy stuff ;) We met, both dumbstruck with shyness so aimed for the nearest pub to calm the nerves.
As we sat down, I got that stomach flip, but tried to ignore it thinking it was nerves. I know now what it was, but anyway..... said 'date' went well, ambled and talked, had another beer then popped back here for a while. Tom didn't stay late, and there was no naughtiness before you think it ;) Not even a kiss. Just those coy exchanges. He came round for dinner the next day, and the next, and the next... chatting, watching films but still sitting on seperate sofas. No first move and the tension was doing my head in. After constant phonecalls to friends sounding like a teenager stricken with the first crush, I was reminded to grow up. The following saturday, after a week of torment, we managed a cuddle. He never went home again after that unless it was to get his stuff.
Mind, it wasn't until a couple of months later and I was heading north for the Bradford adventure that we acknowledged Tom had moved in. He'd had his own key for god knows how long, so progressed onto giving him his own drawer. This was serious stuff. I'd lived on my own here for too long and was finally sharing my space.
Anyhow, enough of the sentimental stuff. We're cool, he's my best mate and I've never had a relationship like this before. And we're in love, which is amazing. Mind, starting to trust someone properly for the first time is a bit daunting. And I am feeling a bit emotional this evening....a tad needy.... a backlash from therapy, probably. This is us taken at Glastonbury this year by Amy. Nice shot, eh?

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