Oh yeah, it's 6.55am. Ouch. Oh well. Thanks to everyone who's helped stopped spammers forever and shown me how to delete the existing ones... can't believe how much of it you get here!

Have woken with a bit of a sore head - had a couple of glasses of wine last night, and alcohol really doesn't agree with me these days. It's the med's, y'see, so I've cut right back with the stuff and now my tolerance levels are lower. I'm now a light-weight ;)

Thursday's are Art Therapy days. Last week was a sensitive one, hit a bit of a nerve and for the first time with this therapist I got a bit emotional and had a few tears. It would have been beneficial if it wasn't for the fact that I had to go back to work and do a cover - it all got bottled up again. So I'm gonna plee for a different time slot.

And Sheila's going to school today!! Sheila is Tom's mum, another practical woman with a love of tools. The technician in the Resistant Materials area is seriously ill, and we desperately need someone... and so I put in a good word. She's coming in for a chat and perusal, although it's looking likely that the job's hers. It's gonna be funny having her at work! It's a good thing I'm pretty well thought of... well, I may find out if I'm not, eh? I once got referred to as an 'amiable eccentric' at work, which I rather liked. And let's face it, I've pushed every rule regards dress code, with my jeans and boots, orange hair then pink hair then purple hair.. and all the times I've shaven it, and now the dreads... yet somehow, me being me, carries it of. I'm not going out of my way to be rebellious, it's just how I am. Conformity with that stuff isn't my strong point. I've tried, really I have, but it does my head in and gives me an identity crisis. And I don't need anymore of those!

I made the hat, it's angora machine knitting yarn, 7 plied. I call it my 'Teletubby' hat. I don't always look this miserable, but being as it is the morning it probably sums up my mood well.

Oh poo, look at the time. Must get ready for work.

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