Just keep with me, ok? I've made a promise to myself to upate as often as is feesibly possible (yeah right) (if someone tells me what to do, I do the opposite. And that includes myself)

Now though, that I've got started, I feel like there's mountains of stuff to post! Like my life story would be interesting, but you know what I mean. Like the first time someone shows a smidging of interest, you wanna open the floodgates and let it all out... But let's just come to terms with the technical stuff first.

Wahoo! Complete freedom of speech where no-one can chastise me. Nice one ;) Have kinda got used to being 'one of those', an outsider and just keeping schtum. And the teacher in me likes to be PC and keep the peace... so let's see how this develops... Know what I think? I try to keep my mind as open as possible (hence the woolly hat fetish - it gets drafty) but I reckon the only thing wrong with this world is that everybody else doesn't. Many do, most try. It's actually pretty much impossible to achieve without sending yourself to the local mental health unit from time to time, but that's the basic problem. Lack of understanding breeds lack of respect. Rant over. Give me tolerance, baby! ;)

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