I found these photos over the weekend. Am sort of getting ready to update my portfolio. It won't just be knitted work... will also include my Textile sculptures, installations, designs, garments, samples, weavings and whatever else I can find. Most of my knitting from the last 30+ years isn't photographed, which is a shame... but then again maybe that's a good thing ;)

First off, a fairisle jumper I designed when I was 20, photographed when I was 26. Drew up all the charts from scratch following the true rules of fairisle. I dyed all the yarn with Dylon hot water dyes and knitted it up. Can't remember gauge or any other details, although I think I've got some of the charts somewhere. When it was finished I couldn't stand it so I sold it to my mum, for the cost of the materials, obviously. Showed this to Anna when she was over on saturday and she was more interested in how different I looked then ;)

Next, a design that started as a project at college when I was 24. Developed from drawings of trees, bark etc, I called this my 'Eye' cardie. Again, drew up the charts myself (found them a while back) dyed all the yarn same as before (I used lopi for this, I think) knitted it, didn't like it... and so my mum got another woolly. She wore this one to Harrogate and said she got a lot of compliments about it. Just don't look too closely at the seams, ok? Made this before I discovered just how brilliant knitting in the round is.

It's funny looking back at old photos and old work, eh?

AuthorWoolly Wormhead