Ok, I won't delete that post!

Wow, I wasn't expecting such a response, although I can't say what I was expecting. There are no secrets written there. Funny though, I'm used to discussing those kinda things on a one to one basis, and it wasn't 'till I read all the comments that it dawned on me that I'd told quite a few people ;)

But it's cool. I'm a bit crap at taking compliments so am not sure what to say. Thank you - am in awe of what's been said. What I'd like to know is why my email notifications from blogger don't allow me to reply to folk personally...

Anyhow, I'm in danger of spending my day naval-gazing. I've been sitting in bed crocheting a Hat (I think. I'm not following a pattern yet I don't know the magic of the hook as well as I do the needles...) and yesterday I had a good old play with the drop spindle. It's a lot more different to the wheel than I was expecting. For a start, when the draw is a bit slow you can control the wheel better to compensate, yet the spindle requires a different game of hand movements. And it is a bit annoying keep stopping to wind on. I'm not in a position yet to see the full charm of the spindle, and my yarn is looking a little... lumpy ;)

Nearly finished typing up tutorials and patterns, so will post them as and when. Will link them up in the sidebar, too. Only fair to put a bit of good karma out there, eh?

Thank you all, again. Don't want to ponder on it too much as it's not all nice, but on the flip-side all that stuff makes up the jigsaw that is me now, so maybe it's not so bad.

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