Hats and dyed yarns - have uploaded all the new hat shots to my Flickr album, else I'll be here for days if I try and list them all here.. will just show a few of my fave recent ones.

This is the one from the undyed silk/wool I bought on Ebay. Knitted it doubled and dyed after knitting. It may have been a nuisance to knit with as it had no give, and the dye may have ended up blotchier than I wanted, but seeing it here on the mannequin head, I rather like it! Hadn't thought of the fact that it could be worn different ways until I took these photos... doh.

At last - Wormhead sorts a beret pattern that she likes! I've actually written this one down so the pattern will posted. Realised what it was about the other that I didn't like, and what I do like about this one.. this has a rolled brim/edge, rather than ribbing. It's probably a bit obvious to everyone else, but there ain't much ribbing going on in my hats. Hmmm. Ribbing when knitting with chunky yarns can get a bit ugly when it stretches, so a stocking stitch edge suits better. Well, that's what me reckons anyhow ;) Besides, these edges are quicker!

Left is the hat Nikki liked the look of when I started it the other weekend. Right is one made from some thick/thin yarn I dyed and trimmed with some oddments from Kerrie's stash clearout. Am quite keen on mixing and matching yarns in more hats... and that got me thinking about ways I can use all those small tapestry yarns I got hold of... lots of ideas (again) and not enough time! Oh well, at least I can try to get through all the yarny adventures I've got planned for these holidays ;)

Next up, knitted balls instead of pompoms. Dead easy! Loads quicker and less messy than pompoms...found some tips on getting the shape right online, fiddled around and hey presto, this was the first one.

Right - grafted, twisted I-cords. Am happy with the way they're grafted on whilst picking up stitches, just need to get the re-joining neater. There's loads more finished so take a look.

Now, Ms. Wormhead has been busy dyeing yarn, too. As always, the colours are better in real life. The mohair has a gorgeous sheen to it that really makes the colours shimmer. They are so yummmy! Mind, it will need knitting up on mega needles as the loops ain't exactly dinky. The 2 yarns on the left are pure wool chunky.

Now that I've got the swift, niddy-noddy and ball winder, the whole dyeing game is soooo much easier. Large skeins are easy to wind off into 100g quantities, meaning they are easier to dye in our dinky kitchen and the perfect size for hats. Before I was working with around 200g per skein, which did get a bit tricky when trying to squeeze them into the microwave...

And here is the niddy-noddy! It seems to have grace, for such a simple tool. Love the fact that it allows you to measure yardage, wind even skeins for weighing and dyeing. Nice one. Have wound loads of balls, nearly done. Also sorted out my stash - Eek - it's huge! Next task today, to play with the spindle... all my fleece and roving is laying out on the bed just waiting to become yarn!

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