Wooha, hope everyone had a jolly christmas day! Thanks Lhizz for yesterday's wishes - we had such a lovely day. It was our first christmas together, so a bit of a special day. Folk always think we've been together longer than we have, probably 'cos it's all been natural and smooth, yet our first anniversary is coming up on 15th January.

Anyhow! Tom was an absolute sweetheart when it came to putting up with my whinning about wanting a swift; as some folk may remember I dragged him off to Handweavers to show him the swift and niddy-noddy I was craving and he bought them there and then.... the last 7 weeks have been torture. I'm not faimed for my patience. And to top that, he then phoned my mum and told her to buy me a ball-winder. How cool is my boyfriend?! Seriously, I was so chuffed. And my mum bought me 2 antique silver thimbles, something else I've been lusting after. Ruth's a very happy girly.

I won a bottle of champers in the school raffle, so that had to be drunk to celebrate our first christmas. And of course wine and more booze... so am feeling a tad worse for wear today. But hey, it is christmas so I'm allowed to have a drink. It was worth it - yesterday was great. I cooked us a lovely roast gammon joint with all the trimmings (and no burnt bits) and managed to dye 5 skeins of yarn whilst on kitchen duties (including that loopy mohair I got the other week - lush, lush, lush). In the evening one of my bestest buddies, Carina, came over bearing more gifts, one of which was 'Alterknits' by Leigh Radford. Am not usually one for pattern books but so far it's a pleasant book with some nice ideas and patterns. It was great to see Carina, especially as I'd missed her birthday again. We had a late night last night round at Sheila's, drinking Baileys and playing Simpson's Monopoly.

Tom's chuffed to bits with the Playstation2 I bought him - seriously ladies, if you ever need to get loads of yarny stuff done but yer fella's feeling a bit left out, stick him in front of one of these. Loads of yarn has been wound into balls whilst Tom works his way through the various games. Lots of other lovely presents were recieved - thank you all! As far as I know, all the gifts I made have gone down a treat, which is great.

Managed to get most of a hat knitted whilst queueing outside the sorting office saturday morning. Seriously, I want to have words with Royal Mail, but today's a good day albeit a hungover one, so will save that rant for another time. Otherwise, been fiddling with some Rowan Big wool on the needles, a top-down hat this time but ended up reading instead. Worked my way today through 'The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night-Time' by Mark Haddon - a brilliant read.

Well, I'm sure there's more lovely news to share but my brain's knackered. Note to self - take photos of the dyed mohair. I've got humungous amounts of skeins to wind into balls, so that should keep me busy for a few days. Am seriously wanting to get the drop spindle out *now* but even my motor skills are lacking today ;) Boxing Day is a day of rest, and that it has been.

Think I'm gonna go curl up in my bed. Oh, it's lovely to drift off to sleep with that warm feeling of happiness again. Thank you Tom for making the last couple of days so lovely xx

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