Took my hats into work again today as some people said they wanted to see them again. Even got my manequin heads painted to make them look nice, y'know? I'm not expecting them to fly out the window 'cos I'm charging more than £1 an hour for my time.

Even still though, you'd have thought a bunch of teachers would know how much yer time is worth. But no. They pissed me off. They didn't mean to, but they did. Like, what got me was their shock and the way they reacted to the prices on the tags. As if I was the one taking the piss for charging that much. I did ask whether they wanted me to charge a £1 an hour for my time, but it fell on deaf ears. If you can't afford them, fine, just don't make me feel like crap for trying to sell them.

It still amazes me how people don't appreciate how much other peoples time is worth, yet have a pretty high value for their own. And that they have no value for having something original, hand-made, which is not mass produced with cheapy crappy yarns and with the poor soul producing them being paid 50p an hour. I'm calculating my prices based on cost of materials and charging about £5 an hour. Most folk don't want to work for less than the minimum wage -that's why it's the minimum wage- so why should I? Fecking social and moral values are all over the place.

A reaction like this I can handle from a stranger; getting psyched up for that already. But from friends and people I know who see how much effort I put in, it hurts.

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