Time to show of yesterday's new aquisitions. Feast your eyes, dear reader ;)

Some more of my fave random dip/hand dyed wool that only Handweavers seem to stock. Love it.

Lots and lots of wool and mohair yarn ripe for dyeing. One skein is in the pot as I type. Can you see that loopy mohair? There's 2 balls... am itching to get my hands on my niddy noddy that Tom's bought me for christmas to skein these 2 up... but I must wait... It's not fair!

Knitting yarn - all wool and very, very kindly donated.... can you believe my luck? And yes, that is Rowan Big Wool you see...:) I feel seriously debted to my donor now...

Even more donated knitting wool - get a load of those purpley/green hand dyed skeins! There's 5! I didn't keep everything to myself - other jaunters got a share, too. A hat's already been created from 2 other small balls that were in the mystery bag... photo another time.

Loads of spools of silk, wool and mohair yarns. Got these for plying with handspun, embroidery, felting or whatever takes my fancy. You can never have too many of these hanging around, just in case.

Merino, silk, llama/alpaca/wool blends and other wool fleeces for spinning and felting.

And a few extra bits and bobs. Not sure what to do with those rings but couldn't resist them...

My spinning and felting stash is starting to burst this storage bag at the seams. Time I re-learnt the drop spindle, eh? Got 'Plucky Fluff's Handspun Revolution' through the post the other morning; now feeling full of inspiration and ready to set a few days aside over the holidays for playing with the spindle. If only I still had my wheel.. sigh...

Spook going in for the kill with some merino roving. She wouldn't leave the stuff alone. Cats. Tsk.

All in all, including lunch, the day cost me 80 squid. A lot of cash, but I was prepared to stock up on supplies and I think you'll agree, I did pretty well for my money :) Reckon I bought more back yesterday than I did at Ally Pally.

Are you jealous? I would be if I saw this lot on someone else's blog!

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