And what a day! First off, myself, Nikki, Alex, Ann, Kerrie, Jill and Sue all met up at Handweavers for a serious shopping spree and knitting chat. Man, that was good. Having checked my bank balance in the morning and written meself a list, I knew what I had to do. Shop, shop, shop. All for stock, y'see. Spinning stuff, dyeing stuff, knitting stuff. And I came in under budget ;) It was really cool for all us yarny sorts to meet up like this, and somehow methinks we'll do it again...

Also, one of these lovely ladies was having a stash clear out and asked me to be the donor - her name shall remain anonymous but you know who you are And I can't thank you enough! When we all (finally) got to lunch, we emptied out the bin bag and had a good old rummage. Needless to say, everyone went home with something a bit extra. It's good to share. I started and have finished a hat in the donated yarns and it's seriously scrummmy. This was no 'heck, what shall I do with all those cheap acrylics' kinda clearout. This was nice, nice, nice, woolly stuff. Yum. I haven't photographed my haul yet as soon as I got home I had to get ready for a family gathering over at Tom's Uncle Alex's. But that just gives me an excuse to get it all out again tomorrow ;)

Ann and Jill

Nikki and Alex

And then onto the evening. Yep, we all headed over to Uncle Alex's in Battersea. Yummy brandy and ginger (seriously nice winter drink)(and not too much of it either) even more yummy pizza, pressie exchanges and the chance to meet Alex and Olivia's new kittens... a black and a tabby... it was like seeing the baby versions of Minky and Spook again!

Tom :)

Me, Uncle Alex, Bow (SIL) and Olivia

Uncle Alex in today's hat

Thanks to the knitting lasses of this morning for a great together. Thanks to Alex and Olivia (and Milo and Molly) for a great, chilled evening. And thanks to Tom.. for being scrummy and lovely and for not moaning about how much stuff I bought home.

I need sleep. Over and out :)

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