We've both been sitting here on our respective laptops researching our family names, as you do when avoiding doing something you know you ought to be doing (in my case, a hat from 50/50 silk/wool and in Tom's case, the washing up)

Now, we both knew our names had a scottish link and on my mum's side is Connelly (related to the James Connelly that bought about the independance of Ireland)

Also, I know there's a textiles pattern to my name, said to originate in India, as well as a town. That's my family tartan above. But guess what I've just found out? Check this...

In Renfrewshire:-
John P., whose family had held part of the lands of Fulton on lease from the Abbot of P. during the period 1460 - 84, was among the first 'burgesses' to feu land in the developing Abbey town of P. Successive members of John's family continued to reside in the burgh for another four hundred years of so, where they played an important part in the town's weaving manufacture and export trade in 'Scotch Lawns and Gauzes'.

Man, I was born to play with yarn!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead