Yep, we're on strike tomorrow folks. The NUT sadly aren't taking action yet against X but instead are getting everyone out on strike against the Government enforced TLR management restructuring, which our school has decided means pay cuts and demoralisation of staff. And I can tell straight away that you know *all* about this so I don't have to explain anymore.

So apart from the fact that I'll spend an hour at the demo (right outside school, of course) and need to hoover the car in anticipation of the gang-yarn-raid this saturday, I shall be sleeping. Oh yes. I woke up soooo exhausted this morning that I seriously thought I was going to collapse. OK, seriously hoped, but still I am sick to the teeth of being so tired all the time.

And the reason for this morning's exhaustion? I went out last night. Yippeee! I made it out of the flat on a week night. And no, there wasn't any late night partying or heavy drinking - I went along to AngelKnits in Islington. I went once or twice when the group was in it's early stages, but haven't been for 11 months? And boy, how the group have grown into such a lovely bunch of people in a cosy little pub (with the occassional drunk nutter) I had a really great time. Finally I got to meet Nikki, and put a few other faces to names. Had a good chat with Erssie about allsorts of things, including her theories on illness (it makes sense, actually), knitted, fondled lots of yarn and really didn't fancy the trek home. Anna arrived with some goodies (we'd been naughty and placed a joint order from here) I only had one alcoholic beverage (still adjusting to walking into a pub and not downing booze) so I shall *definitely* be back again, guys!

And here's a shot of those yummy yarny goodies. As always, the flash is crap and the colours are so much better than they look here. There's 100g of each. Started knitting one last night as you can see, and it's started to look like it could become a.... erm... hat. Got this little booklet in the post today, too. I can't resist such things - fun little anecdotes and real info straight from the writer's own experiences. Bought it from My PaperCrane after reading a review in Knitty for not very much money.

Hat news? I sold one to a colleague at work today! Yey :) I took them all in, hoping for some additional sales, and realised what I might be up against in the future. When I told one person that the one I had sold was merino, she remarked how it doesn't look like any merino she'd seen before... so had to explain the difference between mass-produced machine knitted stuff and hand knitting yarns.. Another said that I might have to reduce my prices as a lot of people will comment about buying them cheaper in TopShop etc, to which I replied that if they thought that, they wouldn't appreciate a hand-knitted one-off so shouldn't buy one ;) Mind, I did have to keep explaining to some folk that after material costs, I'm really not making much money. Oh well. Oh, and whilst I'm talking about hats, here's the 'Unicorn' one... I love it! The main body is knitted, horn crocheted and some stuffing added. And just to show off, here's a close up of the grafting.

I'm going to cuddle up to my duvet now as am feeling bloomin' knackered.

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