I've had some encouraging, positive messages both through here and via email - it's amazing how much support is out there, thank you. Also amazing is how many other people have been or still are, in a similar situation. It really bothers my soul, this fact. Mind, that's the thing about creative folk; we're more sensitive to it.. feel it more... and you know what? Those people who bully are just as, if not more, insecure than us and they're jealous. Yes, JEALOUS. No other avenue in their lives to fulfill them. Anyhow, the shit hasn't fully hit the fan yet so a relatively quiet day at work. If 'quiet' is a fitting word for a school.

Last thursday we put up the tree, to cheer me up. I don't bother with other decorations, but I love dressing the tree - it's a pagan thing, y'see. For years now I've made my own decorations, and each year make a few more. For tinsel there's ribbons and trimmings and strings of beads, and for the balls some have been embroidered ala temari, although recent years has seen me getting lazy. And here's our tree looking a bit cat-attacked. I always thought it was Spook that created this havoc, but the other night I caught Minky tugging away at the strung bead garlands....

So not content with dressing the tree, I had to play with all the christmas presents I'd made (of course) Before I could get wrapping, there were a few ends to be sewn in (not suprising I'd left that job) and some more felt balls to be finished.

Been making the balls for bracelets and other bits of adornment. Have tried experimenting, to see if these little beauties can be made in the machine, but no joy yet. Larger ones, fine, but these little fella's demand a good 'ol work-out on the hands, and after a batch of them you feel it. Mind, I'm sure more qualified reflexologists than me can tell me which parts of the body are getting a good treatment when you keep rolling these around in your palms ;) Here's one of the bracelets I finished, and a shot of a few more of the felt balls. I wanted to string a pink/purple one, but discovered I hadn't made enough purple balls. Doh. I use that elasticy bead stringy stuff, available from.. erh, all good bead shops. If anyone's interested, I can post a few techniques and tricks I've discovered to making these little cuties?

So..... time to start wrapping the pressies! So much fun to be had with this - making and giving is what it's all about, if you ask me. Got these labels from a link posted on UKHK - you can find the PDF file here. No close-up shots allowed, just incase anyone's peeking and trying to work out which is what and so on ;) Ooooh... seeing them all wrapped up like this makes me feel sooooo good! And then into their silver outer-wrapper they went. Did photograph them all snug in a hessian santa sack, but silver foil and flashes don't get on.

Been playing around with more sculptural hats and grafting, but will post about that another time. Oh, and these are all the people I owe emails too... I will send them soon :) Anna, Amy, Dom, Rachel, Karen, Lucy, Erssie, Steven, Carina, Marcus, Andy. Not too many then.

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