Thank you all so much for your kind comments.... am sure that I felt the positive vibes you were sending me. Erssie - I will definitely email you later, but just to say I teach some Art and Design but mainly Textiles. Originally I taught only Art, but that's where X comes into it, and thankfully I now work mainly in the Textiles department. I'm sooo much happier there, feel valued and of course it's my passion, so know I teach well.

Yesterday was a rough day; I'd worked myself into such a state that by the time I got into work I just couldn't talk to X. Way too shaky and friends spotted the cracking in my voice. I couldn't go through with it. So instead, I spoke to a one of the deputy heads about how I felt. Mentioned bringing in the Union, how I'd been let down by the response to previous complaints and basically how the whole situation was so out of control that it had become the norm. I spent the day trying to write down as many incidents as I could remember between teaching and filled 3 sides of A4 as a starter. Spoke to the Union rep at school, who was already in the know about what's been going on and am keeping them in the loop. Gave the deputy head and union rep a copy of what I'd recorded so far. And now it's real 'cos this deputy wants to deal with the situation officially. See, for me to take action through the union I need to have exhausted every possibilty of reconcilliation through the school system first. So this is one last stab at it. And I've made that clear. If this doesn't get taken seriously then the union route it is. X will be notified on monday about the level of complaints, so that's gonna make for a nice atmosphere. Mind, I have one factor on my side... due to last years' breakdown and the increasing doses of AD's, I'm covered by the Disabilities Discrimination Act. Strange but true.

Am gonna try and switch it off for the weekend. Tom's best mate is here so the lounge is full of empty beer bottles and messy boy smells. I'm sitting in bed knitting another hat that I want to take on a unicorn-like shape. I'm also thinking about making a skirt from some patchworked hand-printed/dyed cotton... haven't produced the fabric yet, so that's another one on the list for the xmas hols. Playing with yarn and fabric is my sanctuary.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. xx

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