Over-slept this morning, which always leaves you feeling disorientated for the rest of the day, like you never manage to get a grip. And art therapy was pretty intense, too. Feel like a worn out bag of mixed emotions now. At least though, I'm realising why I have this massive inferiority complex, as to why my self esteem always drags behind me and as to why I feel such a burden when I'm ill (and possibly why I seem to get ill a lot). The flu has finally passed yet still feel knackered. Oh well. Iritus feels like it's just around the corner, too - it's a nasty eye disease that I get; has no cure, is very painful, sight-threatening and have to live with blurred vision due to pupil dilation for a couple of weeks until the dangers' passed. Not been to Moorfields yet, but reckon I will be pretty soon.

So to cheer myself up, I'm gonna post about some more crafty things. Firstly, I found a huge amount of tapestry wool at school. It got donated some time ago, and being as lower school and GCSE Textiles lessons don't require this stuff, it's just been sitting there. So I raided it, as you would. I've barely made a dent in the pile, so there's plenty left for my AS textiles group to have a play. Not sure what I'll do with it all yet... there's a couple of skeins that are large enough to make hats with. The rest will maybe decorate hats... maybe try felting some of it to see what happens. But I couldn't just leave it at work to rot ;)

Next up, my welsh lambswool fleece arrived :) Fresh from the sheep, when I opened the bag Spook had a good old sniff and rolled around in it - bless. Got 1kg of the stuff, and boy, was it dirty! Soaked it in water+ Ecover handwash 3 times last night, and left it in soak over night. I'm now rinsing it in smaller quantities in underwear laundry bags. Found a few tips on washing fleece here. I completely adored the smell of it (Tom didn't) and all the little kinks in the wool. Will send some to my mum, will dye some of it and maybe felt a bit too. Ought to get practicing now with my drop spindle...

Then I started playing with that cheapy aran wool I got from Ebay.. It doesn't felt! Damn. So I plied it, knitted a hat and dyed it. Yep, Tom managed to find a freebie microwave! It's small and a bit old, but it works so I'm happy. Tried splash-dyeing the hat with the Omega dyes I bought. Colours much brighter than the ones from Kemtex. The result looks a little splash-happy, yet it worked so ideas are sprouting.; just gotta refine the technique. Maybe it needs a base colour first, rather than dyeing straight onto the natural wool. Anyhow, another hat from the same yarn is ready to go. I've also got some 50/50 wool/silk undyed yarn on it's way, and some yummy space dyed fleece too. Naughty Woolly has been shopping - all bargains, mind.

Finally, I can organise myself craft-wise 'cos I managed to buy a decent bag today. Yep, pockets and everything. I asked UKHK for some advice on this and was seriously considering a tool bag. But being as Naughty Ruth has just got paid and is in shopping mode, a quick trip to TopShop before therapy yielded the ideal bag (and some t-shirts). Not huge, but big enough for tape measures, knitting notions and the like.. the main body takes my roll of DPNs nicely with plenty of space for hat knitting and a bit more. Travel knitting needs to be compact (ain't gonna lug huge partially knitted coats around, let me tell you) so this is perfect. Even managed to fit in all the nonsense that I carry around in my daily bag, which was a bonus.

Otherwise, I've just started knitting another hat in some fine red wool which has been plied. Not touched the caot for a few days. There's a hint of RSI in my left wrist, so will take it easy. The flat's an absolute tip as Tom's not keen on housework and I've been too worn out to tackle it - but Anna's coming round on saturday for a dyeing tutorial so gotta make an effort.

Right now though, I just want to curl up and pretend that the world outside our flat doesn't exist.

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