I've cheered up and feeling more like me again - thanks to Susoolu and Octopusgrrl for their kind words after my low patch on monday. It's a bit weird when you lose your sense of perspective and start searching for inspiration - only to find it all rather daunting and end up feeling as if you can't achieve. Wouldn't wish it upon anyone, but am sure it's a common thing amongst us creative souls. Maybe Susoolu was right, maybe I have too many ideas and don't know where to start, don't have enough time and berate myself for not doing what I want to do.

Today's been bit of a change of heart, a better day. I had to have a meeting with the Head this afternoon, a sort of review of my sickness after having loads of time off last year (for perfectly valid reasons) I got myself into a state worrying about it, downing Rescue Remedy every hour or so to calm my nerves. Anyhow, she was happy, which was good, but furthermore, today was the unveiling of my dreads. I've been wearing head scarves or tieing it up in an effort to avoid getting told off for having messy hair (again) at work. Y'see, the Head is a business studies teacher and believes that wearing a suit and 'professional attire' is the key to all things. Yeah right! Hmmm... can't say that I agree. Wearing a suit says something, but not what she thinks it does.... Anyhow, apparently folk like my dreads and the Head didn't blink an eye lid. Ok, so I'm being slightly rebellious again - what's new? - but the point is, is that I was able to feel *me* again without reprimand. That was a nice feeling. I feel free again. Mind, I cheated and took my nose ring out and replaced it with an obligatory dinky stud. Still, 8 weeks of wearing the ring without anyone noticing is a new record.

So, instead of sitting here and trying to beat the new obstacle that is a pair of fingerless mittens in hand painted 4ply from Silkwood Yarns, being worked on 2.5mm needles (ouch) I thought I'd post some silly shots of recent creative endeavours.


Yes, it's an awful shot of me (blame Tom) (or blame the flash?) but look at the scarf, ok? It's the original crochet curly whirly that I posted a while ago revamped. Everyone in UKHK started adding extra bits to their designs, so I thought I'd finish it off with a row of trebles in turquoise wool. Reckon it looks load better now; the curl is much more defined and it's a tad wider too (obviously) Will also post it on the Curly Whirly blog that Hazel's got going.

Next up, the new hat I've been raving about.

I'm completely in love with this Hat. So much. It's such a simple structure, finished with the 3 peaks which are emphasised by a crochet cast-off. I'd not tried a crochet cast-off before, and was really impressed with how neat the finish was. Yet again it's made from that yummy dip-dyed yarn that I can't get enough of from Handweavers Studio. I will post a 'proper' photo with the pattern pretty soon(ish), meantime you can look at the back of Tom's head. Isn't it great? It's a real poo that it's too tight on my head. Having had dreads before, I really must remember that I need a larger sized hat.

(Note to self:- don't take photos of a deep red colourway on an orange sofa with a flash) It is deep reds, honest. This is another hat in the making, though I'm not sure how it will develop yet. Using Debbie Bliss Maya, it's again knitting up quick but I really do prefer the other yarns I've been using for my Hats (apologies to all Debbie Bliss fans) Anyhow, I'll probably keep the pattern and sell this Hat. I'm itching to get working on this, but I must, *must* finish these little beasties first...

Glove one of the pair of fingerless gloves I mentioned earlier. I'd forgotten how fiddling knitting these things can be, especially on 2.5mm DPNs. But, they're another xmas pressie (only one more to go) so to be fair I ought to get these off the needles before I start playing around with stuff for me. They are becoming a bit of an obstacle now.

I've had two more commissions this week - one for the Dream Catcher cardie in the Loop-d-Loop book and the other for another pair of gloves (anyone fancy doing gloves? Not sure I want to now) My Hats may have to wait.

Right, need an early night. Gotta get to the sorting office to pick 3 parcels up before work in the morning (yes!3!) which means I need to be awake enough to drive at 7.45am. One day these early starts will be a distant memory. I hope I have nice dreams tonight.

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