Not content with telling Tom that I want a swift and a niddy-noddy for xmas, I considered the best course of action was to take him to Handweavers Studio in Walthamstow so he could see them for himself. Yes, I showed him pictures and sent him links to suppliers (subtle, eh?) but these things are better seen in the flesh. Oh, and I could get some more of their yummy dip dyed wool if we went..

So we went yesterday (obviously) I used to go there a lot when I was doing my degree as it was the best place locally, and there wasn't so much available on the internet then. It's had a face-lift since those days, looking brighter and fresher and true to form, it's pure eye candy for yarny types. And they're stocking loads more yarn suitable for hand knitting, which is brilliant.

Tom went straight to get my xmas pressies, and I headed for the dip-dyed yarn. At £5 for 100g, it's a single ply chunky, knitting up beautifully on 6mm needles. I adore this stuff. There's something about it, like Lopi, that feels natural... not over processed like a lot of the branded yarns. I like natural. And it's spot on for the hat designs I'm pilotting. So I bought 6 skeins. They also had some other tweed wool, similar gauge, at £15 a kilo - now that's a damn sight cheaper than what you can get in John Lewis. For someone aiming to sell the goodies made from these, material cost is rather important. I'll be going back again.

So these are my purchases. My stash is greater than it's ever been, but then I am building stocks ready for travelling and the fairs and festivals. I'm gonna need it. Tom's being a meanie and not allowing me to play with my new toys until after xmas - it's not fair, I tell you! Further more, my boyfriend is getting *too* good - we were only in there 15 mins - how did he manage to drag me away?

I can't praise this place enough. My other fave supplier is Wingham Wools. Both shops are an aladdins cave, full to the brim with so many natural, unusual things that you're spoilt for choice. The shops aren't manicured, and you always feel so well treated. They don't sell the commercial brands, which is so refreshing.

Last night we went to Blackheath to see the fireworks show. It's a free one, and brings in around 20,000 people - making you feel as if you're at a festival. Amazing vibe, all those people, a sea of woolly hats and scarves. The colours and patterns of the fireworks were amazing, and I've never seen a show to beat it. We hooked up with Amy beforehand, and then after the show went for a (long) wander to find a pub that wasn't bursting at the seams .... and eventually bumped into some fellow teachers. Loads of belly laughs to be had - it was such a great night! Awesome fireworks, brilliant company and just a couple of drinks to chill out and laugh with - it can't be beaten.

I didn't take my camera, as experience tells me that photos of fireworks never do them justice. Amy took this shot of me and Tom on her new phone, wrapped up in our woollies - I put on so many layers that I ended up over heating...oh well... better that than be cold (why have woolly stuff other than to be warm? Tsk) My pink nippetales hat got so many compliments, and I came home a very happy woman.

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