Gremlins have hit my sidebar, giving me an html bug which causes the main post section to shift, shrink, and re-locate itself left alligned, at the end of the main page, appearing as if there's nothing there (unless you've several hours to scroll down and find it)

So, I've backed up the sidebar code and removed it from here for now - all those lovely links and stuff I added has to remain hidden till I sort this bug out. All I did was add a link and move a button - can't find anything wrong at all...

Still, I'm going to buy '' as a domain name, and a couple of my lovely friends are gonna help me build my own site so I dont have to deal with Blogger's weird moments anymore.

I did manage though to finish one of my hat designs last night. Such a simple pattern yet totally cool design (if I say so myself....) I was chuffed to bits and it compensated for the stress caused by this html malarkey. The pattern will be posted at some point.... when life becomes less hectic.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead