Echinacea, paracetamol, ginger, lemsips and the like are having little effect. My immune system has gone on holiday and has no desire to return and save me from this flu. I did make it into work tuesday morning, struggled, and came home at lunchtime with a raging temperature. Wednesday morning I thought I'd try again, yet only lasted to 8.30am when I came over feint and wobbly and Tom had to collect me. So I'm back to being bed-bound. Oh well.

My mum (Gloria) has been helping out at the Knit & Stitch show at Harrogate. She's been on the Relax & Knit stand, same as I was at Ally Pally. She's been having a good 'ol chat with Yvonne, Fred, and other members of UKHK and generally misbehaving, it seems (it's a family gene) Apparently she was telling folk about how she'd inherited my spinning wheel and that I was going to buy her a spinning course at Wingham Wools for xmas. Now, I am buying her the course, but I wanted to clarify this 'inherited' business. If I can remember correctly, I think the conversation went a bit like this :-

G:- If you're going travelling, you won't be taking your spinning wheel, will you?
R:- No, we won't have space, which is a shame. It'll have to be spindles from now on.
G:- So I can have your wheel then? I mean, you're not going to sell it, are you?
R:- Er, no don't want to sell it... but you don't know how to spin...
G:- Well you'll have to teach me when you bring it up!
R:- I will? If I get time, I could try...
G:- Good. Have you got any books I can have on spinning? And what about any fleece?
R:- I'll have a look..
G:- Great! Am looking forward to getting my wheel.

Don't think I need to say anymore, really.

Onto more knitty things. This Lopi coat... normally I'm rather good at the maths and calculations for designing yet my brain is a bit sluggish so I've stuck at the tension swatch. I've been rummaging online for a few patterns I can adapt, and think I may have found one.... problem is, I have about 2kg of the stuff which should be enough but I wanted to knit it top-down, so the quantity of wool would determine how long it would be. I also want a Scottish Widow's type hood and flared sleeves, proper Monk's coat like, flowing down to my ankles. So I think I'll have to cast-on with scrap yarn, knit the top half then pick up the cast-on stitches and take it from there. I also have grand plans of lining it, but we'll see how I go. This weather is demanding this coat so ought to push on soon.

And a few more hats... the only advantage (other than lots of time in bed) to being ill. I've been finishing off a few designs for an online Hat exhibition I'm entering (more info later) one of which I was hoping to write a decent pattern for and try submitting it to a few of the online magazines.
First up, I listened to Sharon's suggestion and tried out a beret. It's ok but reckon I need to play around more with the shape. Mind you, this is the yarn I frogged from another hat, so think it's that that's bothering me more than the beret itself.
Then I made myself a pig-tale hat from the yummiest Alpaca chunky by Frog Tree. Seriously gorgeous. And it's all for me! The moss stitch finish holds nicely, and the tunnel is the perfect size for my dreads. I'll add more photos & other shots of other hats to my Flickr album when I'm done here. The only problem with being indoors is that this hat is now spending rather a lot of time underneath Spook. She's decided that she is the Queen of the woolly den and insists upon finding the softest wool to lay on and mark her territory. Pesky cats. Can't wait until my job-lot of clear plastic storage bags arrive, so that my hat collection can be cat-hair free.

Finally, this is the hat I've been writing the pattern for as I go along. It's in shetland aran with a merino DK for a crocheted trim, so has taken a tad longer than usual. Infact, brain depletion has meant that I've had to rip out a few sections and in the end I was glad it was finished. And now? Actually, I'm not sure I like it. It needs blocking, so maybe it will hang better afterwards. But there's something about it that I can't quite put my finger on... I think in future I'll stick to maybe one or two hair-holes; they're a bit of a nusiance when combined with the crown shaping. I was aiming for something a bit quirkier that needs the hair to be dressed to go with it... I would demonstrate what it looks like on but Tom is at work and I'm useless at taking photos of the back of my head. Anyhow's, nevermind as I'm having some cool ideas about knitting the hats in undyed yarn then playing around with colour on the finished items. Tom's on the hunt for a freebie working microwave so that my wool dyeing can take on new dimensions. I've been trawling ebay for bargain wools; some already in the post :)

That's it for now folks. I'm itching to get out and go to Hobbycraft or John Lewis, just for the hell of it. Should be saving money, mind, so being ill is helping on that score. Tsk. Nevermind.

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