I've been naughty and finished this Hat before getting the fingerless gloves off the needles. Bad Woolly. Nevermind.

We had an open evening last night to promte 16+ courses, and me being the soul that runs the Textiles AS and is the specilist Textiles teacher on the vocational courses, had to do my bit. So I dressed up in one of the Loop-d-Loop jumpers I'd knitted (Steek) and a skirt I'd hand sewn & dyed in purple with large batiked daisies on it, hoping to inspire some future students. I also took some easy knitting (this Hat) in case I had time. Hmmm. I had *so* much interest in my course that I didn't stop talking all night. Still, somehow, I managed to get this hat finished. Oh, and I had a fair few people asking me to knit them hats.... A good evening, albeit a busy one. As per usual, I haven't yet written the pattern down but will work out what I've done and scribble it into a legible form before I completely forget it. I used Debbie Bliss Maya, as mentioned before, on 5mm DPNs. It has an opening at the top, gathered with an I-cord, for ponytails if needed.

Have also taken some decent shots of the funky blue-ish one I designed, above. Poor Tom no longer has to sit and pose for me ;) I have been a bit snap-happy today, finally taking some half decent shots of recent work.

Whilst I'm at it, I'll share some of the delights I got in my parcels yesterday. Firstly, there were 11 x 200g hanks of pure undyed wool, single ply, about aran weight that Kerrie, famous for Hipknits and Magknits was selling off on Ebay. I'm dead chuffed with it, and can't wait to get dyeing (and there's a story to my winning bid on Ebay - it was the day of the KCG workshop so wouldn't be home to up the stakes if needed. I decided how much I could afford, whacked the bid in and thought if it wasn't to be mine, it wouldn't be... I won, with someone coming close to outbidding me within seconds of the close.. it was meant to be mine. It was for 10 hanks, Kerrie found an odd one and stuck it in the parcel with the others. Thanks, Kerrie!) My stash is now getting beyond bursting point. The other parcel was from P&M Woolcraft, and was my great little book on drop spindles and some Kemtex easy acid dyes. Some of the colours I ordered were out of stock, so will get them later. The book is fab - covers all known drop spindles, how to use them and even how to make them. Rock on. 'Spindle Spinning' by Connie Delaney ISBN 0966095200, £8ish. I love books like this; quirky, informative and by someone who knows their stuff.

So, not content with being busy enough, I've given myself more things to do. Plenty of winter nights to look forward too, eh? Bring it on ;) Once I've finished the xmas pressies, I'll be going bonkers creatively and blogging like mad.

My brain is bursting with ideas yet I'm tired. I can't decide whether to go the design route and specialise in Hats, sell patterns etc or whether I'd get bored of that... maybe I should just make it all up as I go along and create whatever my hands take to doing, but then there may not be as much money in that when we go travelling as cash will be the issue....but then I do like making all sorts of woolly things; felt balls, felt Hats (!) anything woolly... maybe I should just switch my brain off. If only I could.

I need a nap. Thinking is exhausting.

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