I started fiddling with the html of the side bar on this blog earlier, and before I knew it - Puff! the lot had gone! So I managed to stop myself stressing and re-typed it all... so guess who's gonna save a back-up copy of the html in a word document? Yep, you got it.

This obviously cut into play time with my new toy, but I have been able to get some weaving done. I'm using some space-dyed roving from Winghams, adding a few fancy yarns, and will felt the sample.

Warping up

Starting weaving

Now, before any of you weaving experts stout crying "that's not how you use a peg loom!" I'll just say "I know". For those who don't know, you treat the peg loom as you would weaving sticks. You weave the weft around the pegs/sticks and when there's sufficient push it all onto the warp, and start weaving again. This produces a tight, dense weave, which would normally be the desired effect. Now, I want a loose weave because I'm going to felt it. Before felting and finishing this sample, I've started to add some textured, non-wool yarns, that will be held in after felting.

Spook lending a helping hand

The colours of the yarns are sea-greans for the main, with greys for the added yarns. This piece won't be that big, as it's hard to tension the yarns when weaving this way... ok, so I could have used the loom the traditional way, but I decided not too ;)

Me and weaving are old friends. I started using a type of tapestry weaving when I was young, on a small frame loom I was given. It wasn't until I was doing my main degree that I learnt the proper techniques. I did my main Textiles degree at Goldsmiths college, where they don't restrict you to specialising in one area and teach as many textile related skills as possible. Mind, I taught the technician how to spin, but that's another story ;) Prior to that, I did one year of a Textiles Bsc, where we had loads of fun stripping down Dobby looms and rebuilding them. As well as setting up the pegs for these looms to create the patterns, we also learnt how to test fabric for strength, industrial dyeing and so on. I left because there wasn't any room for creativity, despite the many skills and knowledge I picked up. Nevermind; I got to go to Goldsmiths after that - rock on ;) Waffle over.

Right, it's my turn to cook dinner then an evening of weaving is planned :)

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