In Art therapy yesterday, I drew the much wanted peg loom. Couldn't muster the energy to let any more emotions out, so out came a drawing of some woven fleece.. and then I proceeded to teach my therapist about weaving and felting. He stopped me, just to point out how my mood had changed so rapidly, and suddenly I was enthused and excited. Like I don't know what makes me happy...

So this is the plan. Am leaving work pronto and am heading straight to the local DIY/timber stores. Shall get myself a length of 2"x 2" and a couple of metres of dowelling. We have enough drills and tools to keep anyone amused, so shall tackle the task tonight (unless I fall asleep, which is likely) I really want me and Tom to make it together. We work well as a team, creatively, and it always warms me when we complete projects together. I know some folk are happy enough with a partner with different or opposite interests but I've always needed another creative soul around. I'd feel so incredibly lonely if I was in a relationship with someone who didn't understand the process of making and creating, if I was with someone who just didn't get it. I'd suffocate and whither. Ok, so he doesn't fully share my love of yarn and woolly things, but he loves my passion for it. And he knows why I make things. I said to him last night that I felt as if I wasn't being creative at the moment, which suprised him as I've been messing around with html all week and making buttons. But he realised what I meant and understood how it made me feel. He understands.

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