I thought about my hat dream again last night. I didn't dream it again, but remembered it as I was dosing off. It always comes back to me, vividly clear, whenever I need to know it's message again. I first had this dream about 3 years ago now? It's like my rose quartz; haven't a clue where it is most of the time, yet it appears when it's needed.

"I was walking down a high street, somewhere not completely familiar. Then this girl walked past with a woolly hat on - and in that moment I wanted that hat. It wasn't the most unusual and it was dark and plain, yet I wanted it badly. I could have asked her where she got it, but I didn't.
So I started my search. Every shop I could think of - all the big retail fashion stores (and all looking completely different to real life, obviously) but no luck. I even had sales assistants rummaging through their stock rooms. I was getting anxious, as I wanted this hat. I searched everywhere, but it was nowhere to be found. I searched for what seemed like eternity, getting more and more anxious.
I found myself back in the same place as to where I started, except on a slightly different street, or the same street but a different perspective. Then I had some insight, and stumbled across a little independant shop that was selling some sort of memorabilia. In the corner of this shop where some tiny, winding stairs that went upwards. So upwards I went.
At the top of the stairs was a huge room which can only be compared to a jumble sale. Masses upon masses of people, pushing and shoving at the counters. It seemed they were all rushing to buy woolly things. From what I could see, most of it was already knitted or crocheted and not to my liking, then I spotted a wall display behind one of the counters that had yarn in it. It wasn't the yarn that the orginal covetted hat was made from, but it was what I wanted. Oh yes! I'd found the yarn. I'd make my own! I pushed my way through, being crushed by all these people, desperately trying to get one of the salesperson's attention. I was barely at the counter, thrusting one arm foreward, when the salesperson came over to serve me. As I told her what I wanted, I woke up."

I know what it means, it's obvious I suppose. I always dream vividly and then analyse them afterwards. And I know why I re-lived this one.

It's monday morning. Tsk. We didn't complete the vinyl listing, no way near, so that's the job for my evenings this week. Have collectors waiting for this list, so if I want to sell and sell quickly it's got to be done.

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