What a cool saturday. It was the 'Knitting with Plastic Bags' study day, run by the KCG at a quaint little building on the back streets of Islington. It was a bit of a nightmare, travel wise as the northern line was out and then the overhead trains went down.. so I've sent Tom out to get me a beer (I need one) whilst I post a few photos on here. I won't write up the techniques on this post as my brain is a touch frazzled, and I need to get everything right before I start sending folk off to collect plastic bags.... so look out for another techniques post v.soon (with credits due, of course)...

The reason for the title of this post - check out these shoe laces! If you look close enough, you can see these feet belong to Liz (soon-to-be-member of UKHK)

Laura and Ellen (UKHK) cutting up their plastic carrier bags

Chris (another possibilty for UKHK) and a lady who's name I've forgotten (sorry!) getting the old needles going with the plastic strips (yarn dear, yarn)
Er, my knitting in progress. It could turn into a pressie so shall say no more on what I think it might become. Can you tell which supermarket we shop at? Surprisingly, you don't necessarily need the larger needles you think you might... but more on that later.
And the coolest thing about being in Islington for a workshop? The shops at lunchtime... the shop... which shop? Loop! I'd never made it there before due to sheer laziness, so myself, Laura, Ellen, Liz and Chris popped out for a bit of retail therapy at lunchtime. We were such bad girls. Spent too much money. And we were late back.
Now don't tell me off, ok? The 2 skeins of Rowanspun 4ply (orange and green) came from the 'bring & buy' sale for £1 each. The rest is Loop though... 3 skeins of Colinette 'Point 5', velvet olive colourway (100g each) (deep greens - yummy). 2 balls of Frog Tree 'Chunky Alpaca' in turquoise (50g each), 1 ball of Laines Du Nord 'Linea Merino' in pink.. oh yeah baby, pink (50g), 2 skeins of Blue Sky Alpacas 'Sportwight'; one cerise, one black (50g each) 1 skein of Debbie Bliss 'Maya' in reds/pinks/plums (100g) 4 sets of bamboo DPNs, meaning I now have all the sizes, and finally a magazine/booklet about contempory yarn and knitted Art. Phew! Not sure why I bought the Colinette except that I liked it, but the other yarns are to trial some hat designs and patterns that I'm considering selling, so ain't really for me. Boo hoo. There is some serious colour going on though, eh? I mean... more pink? Me.... pink?? I'm into pink! Oh my god... don't tell anyone, ok? Specially not my Art Therapist.
And what did I think of the workshop? There were a lot of older Guild members there, which suprised me... I was the only young'n; thought there'd be more of a mix. Everyone was really friendly and fun was had with our new found materials. There were some really useful tips for working with the plastic bags which Majory (sp?) course tutor had gathered along the way. Wasn't so sure of the knitted xmas decorations in the afternoon, but it wasn't a wasted day or journey. Definitely worth spreading the knitting & recycling bug - Majory had some really funky hats made from bin liners!

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