I've just woken up. Got out of bed too quickly. I know today is felt-making day, yet I need to throw loads more coffee down my neck and get to grips with the fact that today is friday. Why doesn't the week fly this quickly when at work/school? It's bloomin well not fair, I tell you. Sigh. Oh well, while more coffee is brewing, here's a look at some other pressies I've been knitting this week. Have got 5 made since Ally Pally - I want loads of brownie points, please!

Ok - the mega needles from a previous post? 27mm in diameter, apparently. I bought them from the Wool'n'Boats stall at Ally Pally. On there was a scarf being knitted from Colinette's Shimmer 5. Started it, but then ripped it out as I thought it needed more substance, so re-knitted it plyed with some of the rayon threads I also got from Ally Pally - looks lovely, believe me. Here's a close up... it took one skein (100g/48m) to make the scarf. Everything knits up super quick on these needles, as you can imagine... and to answer some previous questions, they're not that hard to use.. you just need to support the base of the needles and then it's a kinda swinging, bodily motion, rather than the usual hand and forearm method with smaller needles. You can get a bit of hand cramp at first, not helped by jumping immediately onto something made on 3mm DPNs ;) Then the not to be fully described pressie from 100% cashmere 4ply in black.. let's just mutter Executive Funk and leave it at that. Like my stitch markers? Anna made them for me - such a sweetie!

I also weighed up all that freebie wool I got last week, and there's enough of each for more accessories:- 240g of the orange (with about half of that on it's way to my mum), 180g of turquoise, 220g of the purple heather and 120g of the dark purple. Again, poor natural light means the flash changes the colours. They are purple and turquoise, I tell you ;) I might use some of the turquoise to extend the crocheted curly whirly scarf, otherwise the rest will sit in my stash until I think of something to make... and thankfully my stash is now looking more colourful! I also ordered some more of the Pack-Mate storage bags from Ebay, as they are super handy for keeping everything smoke/cat-hair/dust/bug etc free, and you don't have to use a hoover (some forward thinking there, to days when we're in the bus and won't have space for luxuries such as hoovers)

I need more coffee and some breakfast, then it's time to make some felted balls - yey ;)

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