Am feeling a bit lost today. It's the first day of half-term, so should be a bit more joyous. I woke when Tom's alarm went off, got up with him then went back to sleep... waking at 12.40! Now, in light of my recent sleeping patterns, this lay in should be cause for celebration, yet now I'm struggling with my motivation.

I just want to sit and knit in silence... yet have set myself a couple of tasks for this week. First one is to list prices for a pile of vinyl that a collector has reserved with me. Shouldn't take long, and if I want the money... so will crack on with that. I also want to sort out the hallway cupboard (eeeek!) and then finally list all the titles and relevant conditions of the rest of my vinyl. I estimate these last 2 jobs will take 3 days between them if I go like the clappers. But it is *half term* and I want a balance between work, rest and play. What is a girl to do?

Meantime, curly-whirly-scarf-fever is sweeping UKHK - great stuff! I'm still trying to work out how to link up folks' blogs in this main posting section so the proper credits can be due. Y'know, how the cursor hovers over a name and the link lights up, and when clicked directs you to their own little space? Hmmm. Hell knows why this one eludes me.

I am in danger of doing nothing today. Tom likes this idea as he reckons I never sit still and do nothing for long enough. But my time is precious; it's still the biggest issue around my depression, feeling pressure from all directions to do 'stuff' and constantly feeling as if time is against me. Now, if Tom were to list my vinyl for me..... ;) Yep, listing and sorting nearly 2000 records is the biggest cloud looming over me at the moment. That and my period pain.

The only way forward is to set manageable tasks and rewards. List Steve's vinyl then knit. Washing up and dinner are also on the agenda for today. Tomorrow? List D through to M of my vinyl then knit again. Wednesday - M through to S then knit more! Thursday, finish the vinyl listing (I hope) and start on the hallway cupboard. Friday - make felt day! The ultimate reward this week for being good! Saturday I'm at the KCG workshop for knitting with recycled materials, and sunday will be a day of nothing. And before I know it, my weeks' gone.

So much to do and so little time. Roll on the day when all my vinyl is sold (along with everything else I'll not need when travelling), when all my debts are clear and the bus is ready for us to clear off to Europe. Roll on the times of selling my hand made goods at craft fairs and festivals, when our concerns will be money for fuel and food and not assessment and planning for school. When I no longer have to wake up at 6.25am and can work at my pace in my time. And when I no longer need the AD's.

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