I still haven't bought any bright, lush yarn. I must have programmed myself so sufficiently now that spending money doesn't come easy. Damn. Oh well, shall save it all for Ally Pally, when I'll be able to see and touch these yarns before I buy.

In UKHK, we discuss stashes frequently, and I got thinking that really, mine isn't that bad compared to what some folk seem to say about theirs. Mine's not secret either; Tom knows exactly how much yarn, tools etc I have. So just to prove how small my stash is, here's the evidence. There are a couple of bags of merino rovings for felting as well as my yarns. Even the oddments box is in there. It's quite mild, isn't it? Ok, so there's lots of greys and blacks but then you'd expect that from me. Haven't quite decided yet as to what to do with all of it... the steel grey Lopi will become a coat - there's nearly 2kg of that on cones. And the nearly black mohair on cone will be a dress. Think I may crochet the Pinquoin 4ply cotton into a tunic or something. The swiss cotton DK may well become a hoodie or similar. The brightly coloured bags are mainly for kids clothes (we haven't got any yet but are planning on it!) I rather fancied the child's geek spiral sweater in Loop-d-Loop. And there's another bag of feltable yarns for when I (finally) get the peg loom.

And now the WIP's. 3 of those, technically. Here's the first 2. The grey yarn is Cashmerino chunky from Coldsprings, and will be Tom's jumper - barely finished the tension square. He fancies an irregular rib raglan, of sorts, so will design myself. The other here is the 4ply slubby cotton that I bought from Texere. This is intended to be a loose T-style top for summer evenings. And being now that summer has passed, it's in danger of becoming a UFO. It's rather slow growing, and being as I'm making it up as I go along, it requires my brain to be fresh which isn't the case very often at the moment. I cast on with waste yarn at the point just below the arms. Knitted up the back, did neck and continued into the front. When that reaches the same point, just below arms, I'll pick up all stitches and finish the body in the round. Did it this way so I'd have very few seams (I hate sewing up) Maybe it'll be ready for next summer (who am I kidding?)

As for the blanket squares, this is it for now. I'm a bit bored of knitting them, to be honest, as I really am in need of breaking loose and messing around with colour. They've not been blocked yet but am doing pretty well at making them all the same size. Have been trying to make up/use patterns that will be double sided; blankets that have a right and wrong side bother me. Can you see why I'm getting a tad fed up with my lack of colour at the moment?! To be honest, I often get these mad colour phases yet they never last long, always resort back to black. Maybe that's why I haven't impusively bought stacks of coloured yarn... think I'll keep the colour to accessories, hats and scarves etc, which I know I'll always wear. I love the colours I got for the kid's clothes, yet I read somewhere that's it's bad luck to knit for unconcieved children, as it may curse us never to bear offspring. So obviously that lot's gonna wait!

Today we complete the mammoth task of listing all my unsold vinyl. Sorted it all out yesterday and had a mega flat-tidy. I can't wait for the day when all my vinyl is sold, have the extra space and cash and move on to another chapter of my life.

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