I think I know which of my friends and relatives check my blog, so it's safe to show some of the xmas pressies that are in progress and completed. I've also had some freebie stash enhancement (yey) and have decided to resell the purchase from saturday that has until now remained anonymous.

This is the first pressie finished - it's the Nippertales hat from Magknits, made from some Yaeger Shetland Aran that I had leftover in my stash. It took less than 100g. Am gonna make one for myself from that funky pink dip dyed yarn I got last week from Ally Pally. Though the holes for my bunches will have to be bigger -there's no way my dreads will fit through there.

Next up is the curly/wirly/curly wirly/corkscrew/call-it-what-you-will scarf. This is being crocheted ala Yvonne's and Ann's instructions. Well, so I thought. I was looking at it today thinking it wasn't curling the way I wanted it to, and then realised I'd read the instructions wrong - doh. I'd started with DC's, then onto half trebles which I think made it too tight and rigid. So quicker than you can say 'Bob' it was ripped out and back to it's yarny state. This time I'll go straight into trebles and increase that way. Oh well. It's the hand dyed DK that Tom was winding for me the other night. Now, I said I bought this from Touch Yarns at Ally Pally but I have a sneaky feeling it was from 21st Century yarns....

The freebie yarn was a bit of a bonus today! It's all colour with a slight texture as you can see, although the flash has bleached it a bit - bring back decent daylight at 4pm, please. I was told it was wool, did the burn test and hey presto, it is. Cool or what? Not sure what I'll do with it... it is a little dusty, and some of them seem to have been prepared for knitting machines or weaving as there is a slight oil to them... but nothing a little wash won't cure. Nice one.

And I'm going to advertise this lot on Ebay. It's the R2 rag in light grey that's been discontinued - and I got two bags of it at Ally Pally (that's what 'special offer' temptation does for you) Tom thinks I should keep it (I know, cool boyfriend) but I don't think I'll use it. True, it meets my fibery snobbishness by being 100% cotton... but I am an animal fibre lady. Give me wool, baby! Should be able to get my money back. If anyone's interested, my Ebay username is 'woollygirl1971'.

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