More shots of fellow teachers knitting in the staffroom. It genuinely looks like it's here to stay. Rock on, baby ;) Staff 'Woolly Wearing' was a bit of a disaster as the Head insisted that no woolly hats be worn outside the staffroom - boring! So I was a rebel and wore one of my new hanks of yarn (yes, the pink one) wrapped around my neck. The woman in the top right shot wearing a white top is Francis, fellow Textiles teacher (actually, she's the boss) There are too many other faces for me put names to, so I'll just say well done everyone and keep at it! (post-edit:- I have a theory... that after the previous post which included the shot of Dan and then his comment that read like fan-mail (thanks Flossie!) maybe everyone's posing for the camera 'cos they think they're gonna be famous on the internet... yet infact have only ended up on a knitters blog ;)

Tonight is set aside for sorting out the flat (again) I came home to find our new sofa already here, so I've gotta take the old armchair down into the basement area of the block. Tom got the sofa from work - it's not our choice of upholstery (nothing a decent throw won't solve) yet it's in really good condition and dead comfy. Now we can have 'his & hers' sofa's and not complain about each others' mess.

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