Am getting a bit fed up with waking up too early - been up since 5am. I suppose it serves me right for having yet another nap yesterday evening, but if I feel the sleep taking over, what am I to do?

I want to conserve my energy for Ally Pally. Now, obviously I'm still getting exhausted easily. And I've never been brilliant with large crowds or large shops - panic attacks are prevalent in such places. So... to make life easier, I've been writing conscise shopping lists for the show. So far I've listed yarns for 6 xmas pressies - not bad, methinks. Problem is is that I can't narrow down what I want to buy for myself! And if I see too much and can't decide it's likely my head will throw a wobbly... my Rescue Remedy is going with me.

On a plus note, I've been ever such a good girl with my finances. Since returning from Italy in the summer, everythings taken an upturn in that department. While we were out there I was convinced we'd run out of cash, so raided my savings account and stuck it all in the bank... only to find I'd paid off my £750 overdraft - rock on! Like, how the hell did that happen? And then last night I discovered that yet again I'd saved more money, and for the first time since teenage years, there was plenty of cash left in the bank at the end of the month. Seriously, this is big news. Considering I'm tackling the credit cards in a mature fashion, too. All this means that not only can I afford xmas and the car's MOT due december, I'm still left with wads of notes for Ally Pally. Nice ;)

So... stacks of cash in yarn-shopping-heaven could be good but could be bad. Really must write a list.....

  1. Yarn for 6 pressies
  2. Find something for Mother's pressie (toughie)
  3. Some Noro Kureyon (not sure of colour or quantity)
  4. Fancy wooden knitting needles
  5. Books of course!
  6. Yarn for a couple of hats - must be colourful
  7. Feltable yarns & fleeces
  8. Mini lucet
  9. Acid dye kits

This is it so far, and it's a bit vague. For some strange reason, I've rather taken to the short row fairisle in the Loop-d-Loop book. Very odd, considering I haven't knitted in fairisle for a good 10 years. I used to design my own; work out all the inticate patterns and charts, dye the yarns and everything. But always felt they never suited me... so am wary of this latest inclination as it could be a red-herring. I know, I know, it's my desire for colour pushing the boundaries. I really must be careful not to buy yarn on a whim, only to end up de-stashing at a later date. One thing is for sure, it's unlikely I'll be buying black. And that's good news to a lot of people.

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