As promised, some photos of teachers knitting in the staff room. 'Scuse the ropey shots, as I had to use my mobile phone to take them (grabbed my digital camera this morning, whipped it out at lunchtime only to find the battery flat...) All but one are absolute beginners - and they are so engrossed! Tomorrow is Ally Pally.. and Tom is predicting that I'll be waking at 4am like an excited kid on xmas day.. so no shots from work 'till friday, when it is staff 'Woolly Wearing' day... now I'll be making sure my battery is fully charged for that!

Dan, in the 1st picture, was telling me last week that there was no way I'd get him knitting.. at the end of lunch today, he was proud to tell me he'd finished two rows. Rock on, Dan ;) And Rowland on the left, one of our maths teachers was originally seeking private help and wasn't going to knit in public - now it's as public as it gets! Bless him though, for having to start again after continually dropping stitches from the ends of rows. Determination prevails. Some of the other experienced knitters amongst the staff have gratefully been helping to teach - a huge thanks to them too. Pip, keep wearing those woollies, and Rosemary, thanks sooo much for your knitted contributions!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead