Yep, sure is... and I know there are *loads* of events happening all over the country. Now, I've been organising a few things meself in school, linking in with the Children's Society 'Knit It' campaign. As you can see from the door of our Textiles classroom, I've tried my best to raise interest! I haven't really got time to teach the kids to knit on a big scale, so have focused most of the fund-raising at the staff.
Last friday lunchtime I had loads of teachers knitting in the staffroom, including many beginners and it was great! Wonderful to see so many people supporting the campaign. But I didn't have my camera. Today I did have, but some little brat set off the fire alarm just before lunch and we all lost nearly half an hour of our break - barely time to eat let alone knit or relax. So it's been one of those days. Actually, I'm knackered.

So tomorrow I'll be urging everyone to pick up the needles again. I'll be preparing pairs of needles already cast on, so folk can go ahead and knit (and I'll raise more money this way - it's harder to teach casting-on than it is the main knitting!) Watch this space for photos of the male maths teachers with their needles ;)

Thursday sees the first day of the 'Knitting & Stitch' show at Alexandra Palace (yay!) and I'm taking my AS Textiles students and those students on the AVCE Art & Design course with an interest in fashion/textiles... about 16 girls altogether. Friday is the staff sponsored 'Woolly Wearing' day (try saying that quickly) so plenty of fun to be had. Then the weekend... how many visits to Ally Pally can one woman manage? I hope to find out....

Meantime, I need a nap. Am exhausted.

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