I'm photo editing for a new design!

I'm getting the hang of DarkTable now and I LIKE it. Diving into light settings and depth of field I'm more familiar with (subject matter too, of course) has really helped me get over a mental hurdle with it, and now it feels full of potential instead of overwhelming. Which is quite the result when you bear in mind how much I hate photo-editing!

eta/ I'm trying out a new bit of code (via IFFFT) that allows me to post some of the photos I share on my Instagram feed directly to my blog, and this was the first try of it... and it went a bit wonky! But - I know now what needs to be done, and hopefully it'll all make sense. I thought it'd be a good idea to share some IG photos here for folks that can't/don't follow along there? I'd also like to find ways to post to this blog without being sat at my laptop or other computer (trapped nerve is being especially difficult this week) whilst SquareSpace work on fixing bugs in their app...