PDF, E-book & digital image tutorials

Everything available from this website, whether for-fee or for free, comes in PDF format. A PDF is a type of file which is viewable with every format and on every computer, making it the perfect file type for digital patterns, manuals and books. On this page you will find tutorials that help those unfamiliar with PDF's, and other aspects of using digital patterns and books. The aim of this page is improve your user experience and provide technical help where possible.

You may also find the Frequently Asked Questions page helpful.

PDF viewing
This guide will help you make the most of your reading and viewing experience with PDFs. Including how to view the file as a double page spread, or zoom in and out to improve the font size, this tutorial includes step-by-step photos.

Retrieving pattern updates through Ravelry
All of the patterns and e-books available for purchase from this website are sold through, and delivered, by Ravelry.com. You do not need to be a member to make a purchase. However if you are a member, this handy guide shows you how to retrieve updates to your purchases through your account.

Resizing digital images for print
Originally posted on my blog, this tutorial demonstrates how to effectively resize images for print, and discusses the difference between web and print resolution, and how pixels are read. A handy tutorial for helping you make the most of your digital photos!