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Below is a list of links of personal interest. I am slowly rebuilding the links sections from my old blog, replacing websites that are no longer active and repairing broken links. This is a page in development and more will be added in due time! However, please note, that only links of personal interest or relating to this site will be added, and I will not consider link swaps or paid links.

Fibre & Yarn Blogs

BabyLongLegs | Fourth Edition | Heather KnitsJen AC Knitwear 

Fellow Knit Designers

Anne HansonAnn Kingstone | Carol Feller | Hannah Fetig | Jean MossKate Oates | Katya Frankel  | Loani PriorMichelle Miller | Rosemary HillRuth Garcia-Alcantud | Susan Crawford

Textile Artists

Freddie Robbins | Inga HamiltonPatrica BrownRuth Singer | Stitch Textile Artists

Hat Makers

Anna Voog

Knit Design Resources

Knit Publishing Group | Yarndex 

Knitting Help & Community

HobbyBuddiesKnitting Help | Ravelry

Textile Resources

Textile  | Wovember

Recycled Art

Lupan | Mutate BritainWrekon

Alternative Lifestyle

Diggers & Dreamers | E-Festivals | Friends, Families & Travellers | Synergy Project

Eco Living

Low Impact Living | Self Sufficient-ish | Self Sufficint Living | WWOOF UK 

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